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The Lily Cup is very similar to that of the FemmyCycle since it has a built-in spill stopper ridge. Another thing that the Lily Cup claims is unique is that it can be rolled into a smaller, tampon-like size for insertion. The Ziggy Cup is the only reusable menstrual cup that can be worn during sexual intercourse. The cup can then be cleaned by boiling as per instructions at the end of your cycle. Along with a happier and healthier lady bit, this cup will result in a huge decrease in your carbon footprint, making Flow better friends with Mother Nature. However, after a long discussion with one of my good friends I decided to try using menstrual cup. I like the idea of a no-spill cup–especially when cleaning out my cup in public restrooms. This makes cleaning more difficult, and I really dislike the idea that I might miss some cleaning some of it out. Briefly speaking, Menstrual Cup is perfectly safe (even safer than pads/tampons) as long as you keep it clean and don’t leave it in for more than 12 hours. I heard about the menstrual cup and after hours of looking at YouTube videos, reading through Blogs, and cốc nguyệt san whatever other literature I could find on the subject; I made the decision that I needed something life-changing to happen.

Step 2: Buy the cup. This the most important step of all. While the ridge is much different than the FemmyCycle lid-type ridge, it does function the same to stop the fluid from leaking out during removal. It doesn’t have air holes for removal, has a slanted lip ridge, and, of course, has the lip on the end to stop the contents from spilling or leaking. One may or may not have the same results as myself when using this product. Menstrual cups are an alternative sanitary product that are made of non-porous silicone, meaning you can reuse the same cup safely and hygienically for cốc nguyệt san years, which also makes it much cheaper than tampons and pads. Rolling the cup just seems harder for me to hold right when inserting it, but I’m sure some other women somewhere prefer it this way. Personally, I don’t like the idea of rolling up my menstrual cups. For the first use I hadn’t cut the tail as I didn’t want to cut too much of and wanted to get an idea of how much it needed to be trimmed.

The second thing about the Mooncup is that it comes with a tail attached for easier insertion and removal, which you are advised to cut to a comfortable length. The most difficult thing with the LilyCup is that the ridge that helps the fluid from spilling out also seems to collect quite a bit under it. Best sleeping aid makes you well relaxed and helps in inducing sleep in natural way. Insertion was not difficult and was similar to that of my Lunette as well. The removal tab on the bottom is also much thicker than my Lunette and has more defined ridges to help for removal. I suppose the ridges help with removal since there are no holes to help with breaking the suction. For me, removal also wasn’t a big task, but I could see it possibly being more of a learning experience if I was in a rush to empty it.

The lip does flip up a little but it doesn’t stay up so it’s harder to get everything cleaned well and see underneath. Menstrual cups are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. Plants are in their element in this period, which is why we recommend some teas that have multiple benefits on the body. This time insertion was easy too, although was still far from anywhere near as automatic as insertion of a tampon but then I have had 17 years of practice on that one. So I put a Mooncup on my Christmas wish-list and it arrived in the post just in time for the festive season! And cốc nguyệt san some tampons don’t have an applicator, so you just put them in with your finger. I have to say once I got a handle on the best position it was relatively easy to remove. After a bit of jigging, poking and fiddling I got the cup where it was supposed to be and left it to do it’s job.

I have been using tampons for the last 17 years and so was fairly confident that I would be able to use a re-useable cup once I got used to it. You may use a small, medium or large cup size depending on your flow rate and whether you have given birth or not. 🌸You won’t lose your virginity if you use a cup. Now obviously one would like to know if it’s safe to use first. Like cinnamon, nutmeg carries a powerful spiritual/magical energy. Many people like the convenience of products that you use once and throw away, like tampons and disposable pads. I am quite concerned about the quality of ‘feminine hygiene’ products. I wouldn’t really recommend it’s usage either since there isn’t anything unique enough about it to merit me giving a great review about it, but, ultimately, that’s the decision of other ladies. And there are things that I wished someone told me when I started to use a cup. So if you are suffering from any diseases and thinking to take acupuncture treatment but confused what happens there. Mooncups are re-useable menstrual cups, about 2 inches long, made from medical-grade silicon. Having first heard about Mooncups and Keepers (similiar except made from latex rubber) quite some time ago I decided that any alternative to traditional disposal tampons or sanitary towels was worth a try.